Aspxgridview rowupdating error

18-Dec-2017 05:57

We’re sorting on the appropriate field based on the Sort Expression, and setting the direction based on Sort Direction by calling either the Order By or Order By Descending methods. As with paging, we also reset the Edit Index and Selected Index when sorting.

Finally we need to populate the Sort Expression and Sort Direction when they change, and we’ll handle that in the Sorting event. Also like paging, so show that it does get called, databinding is handled in the Sorted Event ( First, we obtain the User ID of the affected row from the Grid View Data Keys collection, which we use to pull the appropriate record from the database.

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When a Bound Field is displaying data (not in edit mode), the appropriate text is added to the Text property of the appropriate cell.

We also need force databinding to occur when then page is loaded, which we’ll handle in Page_Load.

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