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26-Aug-2017 14:53

Just this week, Kylie, 48, announced she would take the surname of her 29-year-old fiancé, Joshua Sasse, when they marry.Wendi Deng (the sleek former wife of octogenarian tycoon Rupert Murdoch), 48, was spotted recently hand-in-hand on a beach in St Barts with hunky 21-year-old model Bertold Zahoran.When she asked him how he felt about her being 61 to his 51, he replied: ‘That’s easy — you’re so much younger than me.’She added: ‘He tells me I’ve opened his eyes to a more youthful life, and he seems to be loving it.’I wondered if leaving behind a 25-year marriage had contributed to her sense of vigour.‘For so long, my ex was busy telling me that we weren’t young any more; that I wasn’t dressing appropriately; that it was time I grew up,’ she says.‘Now I’m free to live the life I wanted to lead.Eventually, she says, it will seem utterly natural for older women to enjoy the social status that was previously reserved for men.And with this increase in power, many middle-aged females will adopt previously ‘male’ behaviours.My peers in their 50s and 60s are far more outward-looking and dynamic than those of our mothers’ generation, who would have been utterly shocked by any relationship that didn’t have the man firmly in the senior position.

So the latest spate of cougar A-listers could be seen as the vanguard for this new mode of femininity — one where it’s ladylike to pay your man’s bills, flaunt a pretty young male thing on one’s arm and choose your mate on the basis of his cheekbones rather than his chequebook.Indeed, she revels in it, telling Harper’s Bazaar magazine recently: ‘I have lovers who are three decades younger than me.

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