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We went up to Blue Lake Campground, further along Forest Road 23, and every site is reserved.

The prevalence of Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) a disease encompassing sexual desire and arousal disorders, orgasmic disorders, and sexual pain disorders, is a complex and important clinical issue.

Kellogg Parsons, MD: AMS: Meeting Participant or Lecturer; Sophiris: Consultant or Advisor; Watson: Consultant or Advisor Lee Richstone, MD: Wundercare LLC: Consultant or Advisor Marianne D.

Sadar, Ph D: ESSA Pharma Inc.: Leadership Position, Consultant or Advisor, Investment Interest Karl-Dietrich Sievert, MD, Ph D: AMS: Meeting Participant or Lecturer; Karl Storz: Meeting Participant or Lecturer; Photocure: Scientific Study or Trial; Medtronics: Meeting Participant or Lecturer, Scientific Study or Trial; Allergen: Consultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or Lecturer, Scientific Study or Trial; Neotract: Meeting Participant or Lecturer Sheila Stark, Ph D (AUA Staff): Nothing to disclose William Donald Steers, MD: National Institutes of Health: Consultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or Lecturer; Allergan: Scientific Study or Trial; New England Research Institute (NERI): Consultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or Trial Chandru P.

All disclosures will be reviewed by the program/course directors or editors for identification of conflicts of interest. Mc Bride, PA-C: Adirondack Society of Physician Assistants: Leadership Position, Meeting Participant or Lecturer; Dendreon Corporation: Investment Interest; Seeking Health Publishing John P.

Peer reviewers, working with the program directors and/or editors, will document the mechanism(s) for management and resolution of the conflict of interest and final approval of the activity will be documented prior to implementation. Mulhall, MD: Association of Peyronie's Disease Advocates (APDA): Leadership Position; Pfizer: Scientific Study or Trial; Vivus: Consultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or Trial; Nexmed: Consultant or Advisor; Absorption Pharmaceuticals: Consultant or Advisor; AMS: Consultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or Trial; Meda: Consultant or Advisor; Lilly: Consultant or Advisor; Alliance for Fertility Preservation: Leadership Position Christopher Lee Amling, MD: Janssen: Meeting Participant or Lecturer Gopal Badlani, MD: Lithotripsy Group: Piedmont stone & Physician Discovery: Investment Interest; Society of University Urologist: Leadership Position; NIDDK: Leadership Position Timothy Charles Brand, MD: Nothing to disclose Peter Robert Carroll, MD: NIH: Scientific Study or Trial; Department of Defense: Scientific Study or Trial; Myriad Genetics: Scientific Study or Trial; Genomic Health: Scientific Study or Trial; Abbott Pharmaceuticals: Scientific Study or Trial; AUA Update: Leadership Position; Astra Zeneca: Meeting Participant or Lecturer; Genome Dx: Consultant or Advisor; Intuitive: Meeting Participant or Lecturer; Genomic Health: Consultant or Advisor; Takeda Pharmaceutical Company: Meeting Participant or Lecturer; Teva Pharmaceutical Industries: Meeting Participant or Lecturer; Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies: Meeting Participant or Lecturer; Intuitive Surgical Inc.: Meeting Participant or Lecturer Sam S.

Any of the mechanisms below can/will be used to resolve conflict of interest: The content of this enduring material was developed by John P. Chang, MD: Janssen: Consultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or Lecturer; Astellas: Consultant or Advisor; Dendreon: Consultant or Advisor; NIH: Scientific Study or Trial; Cold Genesys, Inc.: Scientific Study or Trial; Cepheid: Scientific Study or Trial Pat Fox Fulgham, MD: Urology Clinics of North Texas: Investment Interest Bruce R.

Gilbert, MD, Ph D: Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Inc.: Scientific Study or Trial; Auxilium: Scientific Study or Trial; Clarus Pharmaceutcals: Scientific Study or Trial; Eli Lilly: Scientific Study or Trial; Warner Chilcott: Scientific Study or Trial Christina Hernandez (AUA Staff): Nothing to disclose Douglas A.

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The opinions and recommendations expressed by faculty, authors and other experts whose input is included in this program are their own and do not necessarily represent the viewpoint of the AUA.

Estimated time to complete this activity: 2.0 hour Release Date: February, 2015 Expiration Date: February, 2018 A PC-compatible computer running Windows XP or a Macintosh computer running OS X 10.4 or later. The AUA must determine if the individual's relationships may influence the educational content and resolve any conflicts of interest prior to the commencement of the educational activity. Althof, Ph D: Lilly\ICOS: Consultant or Advisor; Palitan: Consultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or Trial; Abbott: Consultant or Advisor; Bayer: Consultant or Advisor; Allergan: Consultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or Trial; Plethora: Consultant or Advisor; Sprout: Consultant or Advisor; Trimel: Scientific Study or Trial; Ixchelsis: Consultant or Advisor Michael L.