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Aunt Mary will have cleared up after you now and I have plenty of food here.

It’ll give us a chance to catch up since I haven’t seen you since last summer.

” Donna jumped off the counter and skipped to the living room where she’d left the pizza, knowing full well that her tits were bouncing wildly as she ran past her confused uncle.

“Come with me, I have more pizza than I’ll ever eat.”Uncle Greg followed her into the living room.“I don’t think I should stay,” he said, sounding insecure.“Nonsense!

She enjoyed hanging out with her dad and Uncle Trevor and tomorrow she was going to cook them all a wonderful Christmas lunch.

The couple on the screen started kissing passionately and the woman was rubbing herself against the man’s erection.

When she came home she was shocked to see her parents loading their suitcases into the back of a cab.“Dad,” she called out. And rather than having a good home cooked meal she’d ordered a pizza as the fridge was empty.

When the pizza arrived she changed into her satin pyjamas and settled in front of the TV. She looked out of the window and could see that the neighborhood was still lit up, so it couldn’t be a power cut. He answered after a few rings.“Uncle Greg, it’s me, Donna,” she said.

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Since her mother had died she’d had to take over running the motel with her dad. An hour later she closed the door behind her and entered the family’s private quarters. “Come over here and sit with us, I haven’t seen you for such a long time.She’d taken 2 weeks off to go to the Caribbean with her boyfriend, but the jerk had dumped her last week and changed her ticket to his new girlfriend’s name. “I thought you were in the Caribbean with that boyfriend of yours.”“No, we broke up, so I decided to come home.”“I wish you’d told us sooner,” said her mother who’d joined them.She decided that she wanted some normality for a couple of days so this morning she got into her car and started driving the 400 miles home. “We just booked a last minute deal to Florida.”After a few minutes of goodbyes, Donna was alone in her parents’ house.“Now lose the bra so that I can really see how beautiful you are.” Continue Reading Donna was driving home for a well earned break.

It was her first year working after getting her degree and she hadn’t really had a break since July.Ellie started getting uncomfortable watching this with her dad and uncle.