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Working with Mark Burnett, the force behind the hugely successful Survivor series, Di Spirito allowed cameras to go behind the scenes as he prepared to open a new restaurant in New York City with business partner Jeffrey Chodorow.The eatery was to be called Rocco’s and its cuisine drew its inspiration from his mother and his Italian-American background.The cheeses were all made with cashew milk and almond milk cheeses while the fruit from the farmers market included strawberries, black currants, red currants, and blueberries.Late Evening: Di Spirito combines no-carb, no-calorie Miracle Noodle Shiritaki Rice with coconut yogurt and saffron to create this healthy dessert. "Saffron in a sweet application is awesome and I hadn't done that in a while." OK, we officially want to go on Rocco's diet.Premiering in July 2003, developed quite a following, attracting more than nine million viewers at its peak. Most people, however, loved Di Spirito’s mother who also worked at the restaurant, making her legendary meatballs.Audiences were fascinated by the challenges Di Spirito and his staff faced in getting the restaurant ready for business. While all was not well at Rocco’s, Di Spirito scored a great success with his first cookbook, (2004), Di Spirito worked with his mother to record the story of her family’s journey to the United States from Italy as well as share numerous recipes reflecting the family’s southern Italian heritage. The show focused on the growing conflict between Di Spirito and his financial backer Chodorow.SATURDAY Morning: Di Spirito jazzed up the melon, which he bought at the Union Square Greenmarket, with some sweet herb syrup made from herbs grown at the garden at his Queens commissary where he and his team also grow vegetables."It's Stevia, pineapple mint, and chocolate mint pureed into a syrup that's sugar-free, of course." He gets much of his fresh seafood from the Long Island-based Blue Moon Fish, run by a family of fishermen.

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It's something I make my clients as well," he says."There's a guy named Alex who calls me when he gets off the boat and tells me what he has," says Di Spirito."I did this with a dill sweet-and-sour pickle with carrots and onions.The James Beard Award winner first became a darling of the culinary world in the '90s with his acclaimed Manhattan restaurant Union Pacific and has since starred in several food-focused reality TV shows and as a guest judge on .

"I have six to eight meals every day, I'm on what's called metabolic fasting," he explains.

Anyone who's been keeping up with Rocco Di Spirito these days knows the celebrity chef is now all about healthy eating.

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